Case Study

SVNAZ, May the Lord Bless You and Keep You

SVNAZ is a website I did for Sierra Vista First Church of the Nazarene. Their AV/IT team has yet to update it with their own media, but the rest of the site is finished. They simply wanted a framework to start with, and a designer to make the site professional and up to date, thus I only added filler content to the site and did the mechanics and design.


My Client was Assistant Pastor Joe Subia. Mr. Subia was an established IT and Security technician that also worked for the church’s AV team, thus I knew security and mechanics would be important. Being in AV, the client may have a knack for design as well. The audience was mostly men and women over the age of 50, so I kept that in mind for the design and layout as well.


This was my first real client, and therefore I think communication was the greatest challenge here. We went back and forth via text and email as well as meeting up in person to facilitate functionality and designs for the site. Designing for a 50+ audience was also a challenge, as it forced me to think of sites a little differently than usual to step into their shoes.


Communication is always best when it is clear and cordial. I tried my best to update Mr. Subia on the progress of the site, always asking for changes he may want or functionality he wishes to have. I remained professional and clear in what i was doing, especially with regards to security. I also designed the site with direction in mind. I put each section in big white boxes so that they couldn’t be missed. There are three areas for simplicity, the top bar, content area, and sidebar, each with information the user may immediately need. I also gave everything lots of space, so the site would not be crowded in the slightest for possibly confused users.


Mr. Subia was satisfied with the site. Although their team has yet to upload their own content, every page functions as planned on my part, and the design is complete.


I used multiple fonts for this site, one for each section. For the header I used the readable and trusted Arial to convey clearly what the site was about. I used the stylish and readable Montserrat for the navbar to distinguish it from the tagline, and I used Merriweather for the body text for similar reasons.


I used minimal animation on this site as not to confuse or overwhelm the older audience. The only moving element is the carousel on the home page.

Color Scheme:
Header Textpurple#800080


Thanks for all the work you are doing. It is looking good.

-Joe Subia, Client