Case Study

Indigo Helmet, Indie Games

Indigo Helmet is a site made on Wix that promotes games made by Indigo Helmet Games. It is more of a design focused site, as Wix often charges for certain functionalities that I already know how to use and configure such as eCommerce or downloads.


I made this site myself as a showcase, but I envisioned the client as a game developer who wants to advertise their games for free download.


The challenge of this site is the use of Wix itself, as it is often restrictive in terms of pricing and expansion. I had to choose what I needed most and utilize it in order to minimize most if not all prices. I also had to design with multiple screens in mind, as Wix does not scale the same items in the same ways.


I ended up using Wix without having to pay any money, as I could utilize MediaFire for downloads, and did not need to charge for the games as they were all free.I also gave elements plenty of space so that when they are scaled to different screens, they are anchored and displayed in an orderly fashion.


Overall i enjoyed using the Wix editor. Although I far prefer the much more powerful and functional WordPress, I found it easy to move things around and design in a more free-form way.


I chose to use Oswald Medium for most of the sites. I italicized where necessary to give a slightly futuristic look, which contrasted the imagery of castles and kings. I imagined the company philosophy to be something anachronistic, using state of the art technology to develop old style Medieval games, attributing the typography to that idea.


I added various animations throughout the site; Wix also makes it very easy to add basic animations to the site.On the home page I added some introductory animations to put emphasis on the logo. I also added some fade transitions to ease the reader as he scrolls. Finally, I added a reveal transition on the play button and the banner image of the game pages to draw the eye.

Color Scheme:
Post Bkgdindigo#3a007c
Header Textwhite#ffffff