Case Study

Azul Restaurant, Comida Para el Alma

Azul was a website I did for a fake client in college. The teacher paired us up with a student, and the student acted as a client who would demand certain requirements of the site. My client wanted an online ordering platform for a Mexican restaurant. I used WordPress and Woo Commerce to do so.


My client was a student from my class. He seemed pretty laid back and knew his web design stuff, so I focused on the functionality and design he wanted. He gave me a set of instructions on content, design, and functionality, and I went with what he said.


The challenge of this site was making a quality site within the restrictions of a client with specific demands. I had to make the site appealing, unique, and clean, while also aligning the design to the client’s desires.


I utilized Woo Commerce to achieve the desired functionality of the site. The client wanted a focus on online ordering, and Woo Commerce had the tools to make that happen. I worked within his design to make the site appealing and clean, both to customers and the client.


The client was pleased with the site and that it fit within his ideas. He said it worked well and it was everything he required.


I liked the theme default of Source Sans Pro, and stuck with it. It fit the Commerce style and was also simple and readable.


The client wanted a clean and simple site, and so I only animated the hover properties of the tiles. It is a simple animation that changes the linear gradient of the tile to a lighter blue.

Color Scheme:
Tilegradient#000000, #2E3192
Tile Hovergradient#cccccc, #2E3192


Looks great!

-Shawn, client