Case Study

Auto Care

Auto Care is a website for a local mechanic shop in Sierra Vista. The main goal of the site is to make users aware of their physical location and get them in contact with the business. Thus, I wanted the focus to be on the navigation bar that would take users to a page that would either point them towards a point of contact, or towards their physical location.


The client for this job was the owner of Auto Care. As a physical business, the client wanted the website to point towards their location or a point of contact, as to get more physical business.


The challenge of this site was user attention. I had to find out the best way to give the user the information they wanted as fast as I could.


I solved the challenge by choosing a theme with a sidebar instead of a top bar. Having a sidebar puts focus first on the image and then on the navbar, since they are the only two elements on the page. The image keeps the user entertained for a few seconds and then the navbar encourages the user to explore. The location, about, and contact page all urge the user to get in touch with the business, or if he is not yet inclined to do so, to to check out the images page.


The owner was satisfied with the site. She has received multiple emails already inquiring about her services, and agrees with the philosophy of the attention centered design.


I chose typography that would compliment their text logo. I did not want to do the same type as it would have all mashed together blandly, so I went with the familiar Times New Roman for headers and my favorite body type Open Sans for readability and professionalism.


I kept animation simple here. The only animation I added was a yellow drop shadow on the links, which complimented the drop shadow on their logo.

Color Scheme:
Footerlight black#191a1c
Header Textblack#000000


I’m already getting a lot of emails from the site, thank you!

-Christa, owner of auto care